What we are

Welcome to Redstone Distribution Services, a leader in orthopedic medical device sales and service, specializing exclusively in shoulder replacement. With a dedicated team of sales associates skilled in both product knowledge and surgical support, we are proud to stand as one of the largest, most experienced groups in the United States. Our associates are not just salespeople; they are expert advisors who attend surgeries, offering critical guidance to doctors during procedures. This unique service ensures that every operation is backed by unparalleled expertise and a commitment to excellence, reflecting our dedication to enhancing patient outcomes and supporting healthcare professionals in their work. Our company is built on a foundation of core values and guiding principles that drive our mission to empower our employees and partners in both their personal and professional journeys. We strive to dominate the fundamentals of our industry, compete with passion, and foster a culture where being a great teammate is paramount. Our guiding principles—humility, integrity, hustle, putting the team first, achieving excellence in execution, and the relentless pursuit of improvement—set us apart. These values and principles are the bedrock upon which we deliver not just devices, but also confidence and reliability to the operating room, making us the most trusted name in shoulder replacement. Join us in our journey to reshape the future of orthopedic care.

Who we are

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Logistics Team

Leng Lee

Alaric Lee

Dorian Cortez-Flores

Kevin Aguero

Max Lee 

Andrew Stone

Sales Teams

Team Austin

John “Brett” Taylor

Scott Palmer

Zac Reeves

Anthony ‘Tony’ Acosta

Team Central Dallas

Caroline Soto

Dana Wade

Decima McCann

Josh Fishkind

Team East Dallas

Tre Jackson

Eric Steffes

Team Mid-Cities

Addison ‘Chase’ Oestereich

Chris Holmes

Jake Harris

Team North Dallas

Anika Sultan

Bryan London

Blake Bishop

Justin Kretchmer

Team San Antonio

Hunter Terrell

Brett Loomis

Matt Light

Team Tyler

David Wright

Jake Dunn

Jared Guthrie

Team Waco

Sam Brittain